Terms and Conditions

1Access and use of the website

Access and use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions described below.

You must read, understand and accept all the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions and other policies and regulations that complement them before making a purchase. When making a purchase, the terms and conditions described herein will be understood and accepted.



To buy on our site is not necessary to have an account or register as a user, you just add to the cart your preferences and follow the purchase instructions. Your data will only be requested when you make a purchase to obtain the information that allows us to formalize your purchase and manage the order.


3Using Maquinar.io

We will give you all the necessary information for the correct use of this site in a simple, intuitive and accessible way to all our contents. We will tell you step by step how to make a purchase and we will send you an email with the confirmation and information of the purchase. Once your data has been validated we will send the products to you or we will save it in our office for your withdrawal depending on the option selected, along with your corresponding document (ticket or invoice).

We will indicate mail and contact number so that in case of any doubt or eventuality you can contact with us.


4User Rights

Our users will enjoy all the rights recognized by the consumer protection legislation in force in Chile, in addition to those granted in these terms and conditions.

The use of this site does not impose on the consumer any obligation, unless he has accepted the conditions offered and in the manner indicated in these terms and conditions.



The products purchased in Maquinario are subject to the conditions of dispatch and delivery chosen by the user and available on the site. The information provided for the shipment is the only responsibility of the user. The delivery time will depend on the product and will start running once the payment is confirmed.


6Payment methods

The means of payment for the products offered in Maquinario, unless otherwise indicated for particular cases and offers, are:

Bank Transfer. if you choose this option we will send you an email with the information of our bank account and then with the confirmation of the payment.

Credit Cards. You can pay with credit cards through the Webpay Plus system, a secure Transbank server. This system allows payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club credit cards.

Debit Cards. You can also pay with debit cards through this Webpay plus with Redcompra.

PayPal. Online payment method.

The use of these cards will be subject to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and in relation to its issuer, to the agreement in the respective Opening Contracts and Regulation of Use. Aspects related to these, such as the date of issue, expiration , Blocking, blockages, etc., will be governed by the respective Opening Contract and Regulation of Use, so Maquinar.io will not have responsibility in any of the indicated aspects.


7Formation of the consent in the contracts celebrated through this site

Through this website we will make offers of goods, which can be accepted by users, electronically, and using the mechanisms offered by the same site.

Any offer acceptance will be subject to the condition that we must validate the transaction. For any operation carried out on this site, the confirmation, validation or verification by Maquinario will be a requirement for the formation of consent. To validate the transaction we must verify:

A) That we have, at the time of acceptance of the offer, the stock.

B) We validate and accept the means of payment offered by the user.

C) The data delivered by the customer on the site match those provided when making your offer acceptance.

To inform the user about this validation, we will send a confirmation to the same electronic address that the user has registered.

Consent shall be understood formed from the moment this written confirmation is sent to the user and at the place where it was issued.


8Right of Retraction

The user won't be able to retract the contract concluded through this site, unless in a given offer expressly contemplates this possibility. However we will be able to find the best possible solution for consumer satisfaction, without this being obligatory for her.


9Returns and changes

Users may request refunds or changes in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. The requirements and steps to follow for any change or return will be clearly informed on this site. (Read changes and returns).


10Use of personal data

The personal data provided by the users will have the purpose of validating the purchase orders and improve the task of information and marketing of the products and services provided, and in no case may be transferred to third parties. The User will always have the right to information, rectification and cancellation of his personal data in accordance with the law.


11Validity of the offers contained in this site

The prices of the products of maquinar.io will be valid as they appear on the site, and we will be able to modify any information contained in this site, including those related to the stock, services, prices, stocks and conditions, at any moment and without previous warning, Until the moment of receiving a purchase acceptance, subject to the conditions of validation indicated above, that is, once consent has been formed between the parties of a particular transaction.


12Content Maquinar.io

All content of www.maquinar.io is owned by the Company, the distribution, reproduction or storage, total or partial of the contents of this site, is prohibited except prior and express consent of the owner. However, Users may carry out the reproduction or storage of the contents of the site for their exclusive personal use, being prohibited the reproduction of elements or contents of the site, made for profit or commercial purposes.


13Manufacturing files

The manufacturing files offered on this site are for the exclusive use of whoever buys them, and are the intellectual property of their designers and FabLab Santiago, the distribution, reproduction or sale, in whole or in part of these files and products manufactured from them is prohibited . In case of non-compliance, the corresponding preventive measures will be taken in accordance with copyright and intellectual property rights.