Hi We are Simple Mente Diseño

Felipe Cardemil y Paola Molina

Industrial design and architecture office dedicated to the integral remodeling, optimization of spaces and custom furniture. Our simple and elementary designs, but of a great creative development, allow to create environments, objects, assemblies and unique installations giving priority to them in a line of clear, simple and innovative design.

Our experience inMaquinario

The invitation of Maquinar.io has allowed us to approach and relate directly to the digital manufacturing process. Previously we have developed projects using this type of technology but always as a customer towards a supplier.

This time we have the experience of experimenting directly with our product and the machine, "designing" since the material is processed and not only when the result is ready. It´s remarkable the posture that Fab Lab Santiago has, to have the doors open for experimentation and development of ideas, and not just a place that offers the service behind closed doors.