Hello my Name Is Felipe Arriagada

Felipe Arriagada

1a10 Design is the brand of furniture and design by architect Felipe Arriagada. It rises with the intention of creating furniture in which the design is the main added value of the final product. The line of furniture is characterized by the natural use of native wood, giving it the most prominence and being, at the same time, a functional and practical line. The concept of the brand translates into the simplicity of form through few elements, with a careful care of the proportions and details to make them visually attractive.

My experienceMaquinario

The experience of having worked in FabLab Santiago gave me knowledge about new methods of digital manufacturing that in the future will surely dominate the market. They gave me the opportunity to experience and think of another way the manner and process of making a piece of furniture and at the same time, combining machines automated milling (CNC Router) woodworking and 3D printers for creating pieces based on plastic filaments, which opens up a whole spectrum of formal possibilities as both functional and structural.