Hello my Name Is Carlos Sfeir

Carlos Sfeir

Architect who since 2012 has investigated in product design with a special emphasis on material-structural experimentation. Through the understanding and optimization of the productive processes, it has sought a quality design that manages to be more accessible to the user.

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My experienceMaquinario

Learning was interesting. This started before I knew that the project would be developed, entering as an intern at FabLab Santiago. Getting familiar with the machines I thought it was essential to achieve a design that is consistent with the digital manufacture. In the specific development of Andes, it was interesting the comings and goings of the project.

I began with multiple formal models developed using Grasshopper and then was shortened when performing studies of materials, reaching a much more limited and pure results. It is interesting how the material informs the design and how, in turn, the form stresses the possibilities that the material delivers. This dialogue was the greatest learning in the development of luminaires.