Hello my Name Is Bernardita Marambio

Bernardita Marambio
Industrial designerFreelance and Collaborations

Designer working since 2010 in her own studio creating products based on material experimentation and graphic applications, rescue of raw materials and historical stories linked to the development of art and re-thinking, re-interpreting them in our time.

My experienceMaquinario

The experience of belonging to Maquinar.io was very positive and entertaining. Something unexpected, because it was never in my plans to print my ideas as I imagined them and to leave for a moment of the manual manufacture to think like to produce only with a machine. Without a doubt, it was an impulse to know new manufacturing processes that contribute in a very significant way to my profession, understanding the machine as a support for what we carry in our heads.

I also want to emphasize that the human group that composes FabLab was a great contribution in the development and design process, ready to listen, to trust in our ideas and to always help with the best disposition so that everything would turn out well. That is also one of the most valuable things of the Maquinar.io project.