Hello my Name Is Andro Yurac

Andro Yurac

Designer based on the development of a variety objects from the conceptual study and materiality, with the premise of formal and constructive simplicity, where the result reflects simplicity: what is enough and necessary for its perfect functioning. He gives great importance to the relationship of his work with the local context in which his pieces are born, where there is always a deal to take nature, the cultural and the territorial as the main reference and resource. It is then, that always establishes and has as axis the relationship between his projects with what happens locally around him.

My experienceMaquinario

Limited and very fruitful learning about techniques and machinery for the world of digital manufacturing and all that these processes entail. Nice atmosphere where I had the opportunity to know the work and methodology of other designers and the always good disposition of team Maquinar.io.

These areMy Products